About Me

Headshot PhotographerMy favorite job has been the privilege of staying home with my three children for over 20 years while living in Normal IL. But when that time was coming to a end  I had to try and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I taught developmental psychology classes at the community college. It was here that I happen to take a couple of photography classes and fell in love.

I started, like many photographers, with the season of my life; High school seniors.  But when I was introduced to Headshots I knew I had found my portrait passion.

I feel satisfaction in my job when I know that I’ve helped someone land that new job or assisted them to grow their business. It’s my desire to keep it simple and fun for you while producing quality images.


Even as a master photographer, I’m just like everyone else.  When it comes to getting my family all together for a a formal family portrait. We’d all rather go to a cub game. LOL.

My husband Bruce and I have raised three wonderful young adults. One is a CPA in Chicago. Another is a golf instructor in Manhattan. Yes, as in NYC. And the youngest is a travel expert for Audley in Boston.

What do I do in my free time? I enjoy walking our Miniature Schnauzer Emma, hanging out with our friends we’ve had for over 30 years, reading, playing euchre and watching crime shows on TV. Since my husband has retired, I’ve also slowed down many activities.  I now spend now time photographing the beautiful animals and birds I see here at our Lake Bloomington home.  Please take the time to check out my wildlife photos at Pamela Cather Wildlife Photography.